2009 PRESS:

10/20/09: Modern Mystery interviews Andrew Kenny about the band, science, etc.
interviews The Wooden Birds with a live CBS Interactive studio performance.
9/30/09: Modern Mystery
previews The Wooden Birds at Bowery Ballroom.
7/31/09: Ear Farm
Band of the Week does a Q&A with Andrew Kenny about The Wooden Birds.
: reviews "Magnolia" as 'likely to fall in love at first listen'.
7/3/09: Houston Press reviews The Wooden Birds' show at Walters.
7/3/09: Three Imaginary Girls reviews The Wooden Birds' Brooklyn show at The Bell House.
7/1/09: Houston Chronicle interviews Andrew Kenny & plugs the upcoming show.
7/1/09: Jonk Music reviews the 'beauties' of the 'menacing' "Magnolia".
7/2009: Exclaim reviews the 'skeletal & confessional' "Magnolia".
6/26/09: The Washington Times interviews Andrew Kenny about The Wooden Birds.
6/23/09: Ash Gray Proclamation interviews Andrew Kenny about The Wooden Birds & "Magnolia".
6/12/09: Interview Magazine reviews the 'gloriously understated'"Magnolia".
6/10/09: Dallas Observer Critic's Pick recommends The Wooden Birds' show at House of Blues.
: Ca Va Cool reviews the many 'gems' of "Magnolia".
: No Rip Chord reviews "Magnolia" saying it's 'like coming home'.
6/2/09: Seattle Weekly
recommends The Wooden Birds' show at Chop Suey.
6/1/09: ipickmynose
also gives a nice review of the Rickshaw Stop show (thanks y'all, it was fun!).
6/1/09: Examiner
reviews the The Wooden Birds' 'stellar' show at Rickshaw Stop, San Francisco.
6/2009: Bullz-Eye reviews the 'indelible impression' of "Magnolia".
5/29/09: Radio Free Silverlake reviews The Wooden Birds' Spaceland show in LA.
5/26/09: San Diego CityBeat
reviews 'the lyrical scene-setting & melodic ease' of "Magnolia".
5/25/09: NPR
World Cafe talks about "Magnolia" & links to 'False Alarm' & 'The Other One'.
5/21/09: Pitchfork
reviews "Magnolia", calling it 'tasteful' & 'heart-grabbing'.
5/20/09: Brooklyn Vegan
plugs the upcoming US shows with Other Lives.
: Under The Radar interviews Andrew Kenny about The Wooden Birds & more.
5/15/09: Austin Chronicle
reviews 'Magnolia' & its 'narcotic lullabies for the disenchanted'.
5/2009: Relix Magazine
reviews "Magnolia", noting its 'delicate yet fiercely melodic vocals'.
5/14/09: Dusted Magazine
reviews the 'unashamedly pretty & honest' "Magnolia".
5/13/09: BlackBook
interviews 'Dr. PJ Bottoms, MD', Andrew Kenny.
5/13/09: Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
reviews "Magnolia", saying 'it's about time'.
5/13/09: Liz and Laura
review the 'pretty dang charming' "Magnolia".
5/13/09: Treblezine
reviews "Magnolia", calling it 'downright charming'.
5/13/09: Muzzle of Bees
interviews Andrew Kenny about "Magnolia".
5/13/09: Pasta Primavera
reviews & suggests "Magnolia" calling it exceptionally 'soft & beautiful'.
5/12/09: Seattle Weekly
reviews "Magnolia" & plugs the Seattle show at Chop Suey.
5/12/09: Newsday / Chicago Tribune Redeye
reviews "Magnolia" & its 'pretty, yet sturdy band'.
Austinist reviews "Magnolia" as 'distinctly Kenny & surprisingly different'.
NPR makes "Sugar" the Song of the Day, calling it 'the dark side of the new quiet'.
4/30/09: The Line Of Best Fit reviews the 'hidden talents' of "Magnolia".
4/27/09: Upfront Online interviews Andrew Kenny, plugging the Luxembourg show.
4/20/09: PopMatters reviews The Wooden Birds at DC's The Black Cat.
4/16/09: Spin reviews the 'mellow gooves" & 'hypnotic whispers' of "Magnolia".
4/15/09: Austin Town Hall interviews Andrew Kenny about his Austin move & band formation.
4/14/09: Booklyn Vegan covers The Wooden Birds at the Mercury & plugs the upcoming tour.
4/1/09: Under The Radar reviews "Magnolia", calling it a 'multiple-listen' album.
4/10/09: The Washington Post reviews "Magnolia" & notes its 'tuneful duo' harmonies.
3/27/09: Austin Chronicle reviews The Wooden Birds' SXSW showcase at the Parish.
3/24/09: Magnet Magazine plays some SXSW email pranks on the The Wooden Birds.
3/24/09: The Wall Street Journal points SXSW talent to The Wooden Birds & links to "Sugar".
3/22/09: reviews The Wooden Birds' SXSW showcase at the Parish.
3/21/09: The Owl Mag SXSW Diary marks The Wooden Birds as the Barsuk/Merge showcase fave.
3/20/09: Austin Chronicle spotlights The Wooden Birds' upcoming SXSW showcase.
3/17/09: Brooklyn Vegan plugs The Wooden Birds & their upcoming SXSW & NYC shows.
1/30/09: Austin Chronicle talks to Andrew Kenny about The Wooden Birds.
1/26/09: Dallas Observer introduces The Wooden Birds' to the DFW metroplex.
1/2/09: Austin Chronicle names The Wooden Birds one of 9 bands to watch in 2009.
8/22/08: Andrew Kenny moves back to Austin & gets a little love from the Austin Chronicle.